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Midlothian Va Fine Art Child/Family Photographer - Emery's First & Best Coca-Cola ;-)

Chesterfield Fine Art Children's Photographer Emery's first Coca-Cola

Had the movie Curly Sue not already been filmed, I would seriously consider lobbying for Emery to fill the role. The quick wit, the gestures, and the facial expressions of a seasoned customer service supervisor (You know that makes total sense and I know you just pictured someone in your head),

Emery was a hoot to work with. She and her Mom, Britny, clearly have a very close bond and their constant banter provided no shortage of entertainment for me, but it also allowed me to capture the idea that inside every little girl is a flower child, a tomboy in a tutu, and a cowgirl sporting her first pair of boots. Each one is real and each one is beautiful. After all, aren’t we all more than just the sum of our parts? I think so. Emery just confirmed it.

Richmond Va Fine Art Children Photographer - Ben & Arthur Lollipop Adventures

Richmond Va Fine Art Children Photographer - Ben & Arthur Lollipop Adventures

My Mom always tells the story of the odd (and often gross) things she would find in my brother’s pockets when he was a little boy. As a father to my own small boy, I can only imagine what sort of “gifts” laundry day (ok, more like laundry week) will bring.

As we went through wardrobe changes and worked towards the “lollipop kids” shot, I thought, “I should probably feel bad” Why, you ask? Because I brought the mother of all lollipops for Ben and Arthur. What makes me love this so much is that you can clearly see the correlation between sugar consumption and articles of clothing lost. Picture one: shirts on, hats in place, barely a dent in the lollipop. Picture two: they have ditched the shirts, hats firmly in place, and clear progress has been made on these lollipops. Picture three: there are no pretenses here….shirts and hats have both fallen to the wayside and there is the obvious appearance of sugar glaze in the eyes of each boy.

All in all…I’m calling it a success!

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