Midlothian Va Fine Art Child/Family Photographer - Emery's First & Best Coca-Cola ;-)

Chesterfield Fine Art Children's Photographer Emery's first Coca-Cola

Had the movie Curly Sue not already been filmed, I would seriously consider lobbying for Emery to fill the role. The quick wit, the gestures, and the facial expressions of a seasoned customer service supervisor (You know that makes total sense and I know you just pictured someone in your head),

Emery was a hoot to work with. She and her Mom, Britny, clearly have a very close bond and their constant banter provided no shortage of entertainment for me, but it also allowed me to capture the idea that inside every little girl is a flower child, a tomboy in a tutu, and a cowgirl sporting her first pair of boots. Each one is real and each one is beautiful. After all, aren’t we all more than just the sum of our parts? I think so. Emery just confirmed it.