A Little about us...

To tell you more "About Me", I present to you...my wife. The other J. Marcus:

Me: Babe, I want you to write my "About Me" section for my website.

Her: You want ME to tell people about you? Do you really think that's a good idea?

Me: You'll be great! Go ahead. I won't say a word.

Her: *looks skeptical* Ok....

"If it were possible to get sunburn from the glare of a computer screen, Josh would be beach ready year round. He's looking at me with eyes full of regret for asking me to do this, but the reality is that time spent in front of the computer is time he's committed to making a good photo a great one. Providing physical proof that beauty comes in so many forms - the laughing face of a child, the look of uncertainty of a graduating senior, or even a professional headshot - all three represent what are truly brief moments in this thing called life. I am very proud of the work that he does and I love the joy  his work gives people. Photography is a way of marking the timeline of life. A way to say, "I was here and this was me." Josh does it with aplomb."

Her: Too much? Are you crying right now? Just kidding...

We are young, fun loving parents and perfectionists. We will make your shoot a success and deliver images that you will cherish!!

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